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The Village of Dobbs Ferry: Somos Bilingües: Embracing Diversity in Pediatric Care

Founded by Jaridy Fabré, Somos Bilingües marks a significant milestone in Dobbs Ferry's healthcare landscape with its new Pediatric Multidisciplinary Clinic & Sensory Gym. Specializing in

serving bilingual and bicultural students, the clinic offers a holistic range of services, from speech

and occupational therapy to psychological evaluations. Committed to inclusivity and cultural

responsiveness, Somos Bilingües (which translates to "We are Bilingual" ) challenges healthcare

norms, striving to reduce disparities and provide tailored support for every child.

Pictured above, Mayor Rossillo and Assembly member MaryJane Shimsky attended the grand

opening ceremony, underscoring the community's support for this initiative reshaping the future

of pediatric care for our community and beyond. Also in attendance were County Legislator David

Imamura, Greenburgh Councilwoman Joy Haber and Dobbs Ferry Trustees Matt Rosenberg and

Shari Rosen Ascher.

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