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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Mission & Vision

Somos Bilingües or "We are Bilingual" was founded on the belief that children of all backgrounds and abilities deserve culturally responsive services.


What is cultural responsiveness?


Cultural responsiveness involves understanding and appropriately responding to the unique combination of cultural variables and the full range of dimensions of diversity that the professional and client/patient/family bring to interactions. Clinical approaches—such as interview style, assessment tools, and therapeutic techniques—that are appropriate for one individual may not be appropriate for another. It is important to recognize that the unique influence of an individual's cultural and linguistic background may change over time and according to circumstance, necessitating adjustments in clinical approaches.


​We strive to reduce the historical disparities that exist in special education- in particular, the over-identification of historically marginalized groups, which include bilingual and bicultural students.

How do we achieve this?

Our team consists of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, special educators, and social workers that specialize in providing culturally and linguistically responsive assessments and services- using the latest evidence-based practice, extensive case-history review, parent and teacher interviews, observations and work-samples, dynamic assessment measures, non-standard administration of standardized assessments, and clinical judgement. 

Core Values

Respect, Diversity, Transparency, and Ingenuity are the core values that drive us to challenge the status-quo in the educational and healthcare systems on behalf of our children.

  • Respect- We hold all relationships in high regard.

  • Diversity- We honor the differences that make us whole.

  • Transparency- We provide the context for the collaborative decisions we make.

  • Ingenuity- We consider evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence. Thinking outside the box to develop individualized solutions.

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