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Let's Reach New Milestones Together

Kids in Preschool

 Enrichment Classes

Enrollment for our group enrichment classes opens every 3 months (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).

We encourage you to join the waitlist as spaces are limited and are on a first-come basis.

Available Classes


  1. Nutrition is my SUPERPOWER (Feeding)

  2. Communication is my SUPERPOWER (ST)

  3. Socialization is my SUPERPOWER (ST)

  4. Coordination is my SUPERPOWER (OT)

  5. Strength is my SUPERPOWER (PT)

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Speech Therapy Teaching Clinic

We are proud to partner with local universities to mentor and train graduate clinicians while providing access to affordable speech therapy at a nominal clinic fee.


Enrollment opens once per year (March) and program runs from May to August.

Acceptance requires a 3 month commitment.

We encourage you to join the waitlist as spaces are limited and are on a first-come basis.


Teaching Clinic
Child Physiotherapy

Private Therapy

Private therapy with our licensed, highly trained clinicians is available year-round.



  • Speech & Language Therapy

  • Feeding Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

*EI/CPSE/CSE related services (therapy) must be arranged through your service coordinator or school district.

Studying Online


Your questions answered by experts in the field

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) include:


I am unsure if my child is developing at the same rate as peers.

Can you explain what we should expect during the evaluation process?

What is the difference between school-based and private services?

I need help understanding my child's evaluations and diagnosis.

I'd like to review my child's IEP and ensure it is meets his or her needs.

What are my parental rights and how can I prepare for an upcoming meeting?

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